The Caribbean hotspot for investment

More than just stunning beaches, Antigua and Barbuda also has a dynamic economy. And with major investments in its unique tourism landscape and a government based on social inclusion, the islands are set for sustainable growth




$1.398 billion (2016), $25,200 per capita


4.3% (2016)

GDP growth

29°C (High) 23°C (Low)

Average year-round temperature

442.6 km²


Antigua and Barbuda has one of the hottest economies in the Caribbean. With GDP growth at 4.3% in 2016 and new investment coming in fast, the country is buzzing with optimism and energy.

Throughout the rest of the Caribbean Community CARICOM area, countries experienced mixed growth results, with the 2016 GDP growth average for tourism-reliant economies lagging far behind the buoyant Antigua and Barbuda.

While the country’s economy is heavily based on tourism, other large sectors include business service outsourcing, financial services, real estate, the telecom industry and agriculture. And the country’s literacy rate is over 95%, reflecting a consistent focus on investment in education.

The cruise terminal in Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda’s government strongly encourages foreign investment, particularly incentivising partnership in job-creating industries.

New hotel development is one of Antigua’s strongest and most lucrative opportunities for investment, but win-win prospects also exist in sustainable development projects and infrastructure.

In fact, British partners can obtain some of the best possible conditions for investment in the country, with a bilateral agreement in place to promote and protect investment.

On top of this, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) allows investors in the country’s National Development Fund, real estate sector or other major business projects to obtain local citizenship.


Language: English

Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar

Agriculture products: Cotton, tropical fruit (bananas, Antigua black pineapple, coconuts, etc.), livestock, vegetables, sugarcane, fish

Main Industries: Tourism, construction, financial sector, light manufacturing, BPO