Island infrastructure

Infrastructure is a major priority for Antigua and Barbuda to address current challenges, support its booming tourism industry and bring a renewed sense of pride to residents

Arriving in Antigua is already a comfortable experience thanks to the modern environment at the island’s revamped V. C. Bird International Airport, a facility that is now one of the world’s most environmentally friendly thanks to the recent addition of a 3-megawatt solar farm.

Excellent design and an investment of $100 million saw the airport transformed prior to its 2015 reopening, and the facility has since been recognised as one of the very best in the Caribbean. Crucially for the growth of the country’s tourism and travel sector, potential capacity at V. C. Bird is now 1.5 million passengers per year.

Antigua’s international airport is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly thanks to the recent addition of a solar farm

Work is also going on to make Antigua an idyllic stopover for luxury cruise passengers, boosted by a $180 million development grant from China to develop the Deep Water Harbour Port facility and the duty free Heritage Quay area in downtown St John’s.

Another significant part of the country’s budget is going towards upgrading sports infrastructure and existing facilities. Since 2009 the cricket-loving country had not been able to host significant matches, but this new administration has upgraded facilities and restored the country as a cricket host nation.

Also key to completing the infrastructure puzzle is an upgrade to the country’s roads, a task that will benefit from a UK grant of £13.9 million to enhance land accessibility.

V.C Bird International Airport

Industry Voices

Darwin Telemaque

CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority

“We work very hard to be efficient, and that's why we are the Caribbean port of the year”

“Our main priority is to ensure that the port performs its contribution in social transformation, with our staff being properly equipped, trained and paid. Second, we are becoming more efficient for the shipping lines by improving the services we deliver to them.”

Stanley Smith

CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority

“We are one of the Caribbean’s best airports with all the modern amenities”

“The new VC Bird International Airport terminal opened in 2015 after an investment of $100 million. The building is designed for 1.5 million passengers. Currently our capacity is about 860,000 passengers, but we are still looking to add to the infrastructure to enhance the overall experience.”